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5/20/14: Josh Kaufman has been crowned the winner of The Voice for season 6! Josh started off on Team Adam, but was stolen by Usher when Adam eliminated him from his team.
6/5/14: A date has been set! Adam and his fiancee, Behati Prinsloo plan to wed in Mexico on July 19, 2014.
7/19/14: Adam is officially a married man! He and Behati Prinsloo swapped vows tonight in front of their closest family and friends during a private ceremony in Mexico. Congrats to the happy couple!

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The Voice

I liveblog The Voice every season with text posts, chats, quotes, and my thoughts during (almost) every new episode. I post a lot during and throughout, so if you don't want the episode to be spoiled for you, I suggest you stay away from my blog for the whole hour/two hour duration :)

RED - Stolen By Another Coach
BLUE - Stole From Another Coach

Team Adam
(The Voice - Season 1):

1. Jeff Jankins
2. Rebecca Loebe
3. Javier Colon
4. Devon Barley
5. Tim Mahoney
6. Casey Desmond
7. Casey Weston
8. Angela Wolff

Team Adam's Javier Colon was the winner of The Voice, Season 1.

Team Adam
(The Voice - Season 2):

1. Tony Lucca
2. Kim Yarbrough
3. Angel Taylor
4. Pip
5. Katrina Parker
6. Chris Cauley
7. Nathan Parrett
8. Nicolle Galyon
9. Karla Davis
10. Mathai
11. Whitney Myer
12. Orlando Napier

Team Adam
(The Voice - Season 3):

1. Bryan Keith
2. Joe Kirkland
3. Samuel Morton
4. Loren Allred
5. Nicole Nelson
6. Melanie Martinez
7. Brian Scartocci
8. Alessandra Guercio (Stolen By Xtina)
9. Adanna Duru
10. Collin McLoughlin (Stolen By Blake)
11. Benji
12. Michelle Brooks-Thompson
13. Sam James
14. Branson Mahone
15. Caitlin Michele (Stolen By Cee Lo)
16. Kayla Nevarez
17. Amanda Brown (STEAL)
18. Joselyn Rivera (STEAL)

Team Adam
(The Voice - Season 4):

1. Judith Hill
2. Midas Whale
3. Sarah Simmons
4. Warren Stone
5. Duncan Kamakana
6. Karina Iglesias (Stolen By Shakira)
7. Patrick Dodd
8. Agina Alvarez
9. Michael Austin
10. Sasha Allen (Stolen By Shakira)
11. Amy Whitcomb
12. Amber Carrington
13. Caroline Glaser (STEAL)
14. Orlando Dixon (STEAL)

Team Adam
(The Voice - Season 5):

1. Donna Allen
2. Nic Hawk (Stolen By Blake)
3. James Wolpert
4. Barry Black
5. Tessanne Chin
6. Justin Blake
7. Preston Pohl
8. Will Champlin (Stolen By Xtina)
9. James Irwin
10. Ashley Debose
11. Matt Cermanski
12. Grey
13. Juhi (STEAL)
14. Lina Gaudenzi (STEAL)

15. Will Champlin (STEAL)

Team Adam's Tessanne Chin was the winner of The Voice, Season 5.

Team Adam
(The Voice - Season 6):

1. Christina Grimmie
2. Dawn & Hawkes
3. Delvin Choice
4. Cary Laine
5. Sam Behymer
6. Joshua Howard
7. Patrick Thomson (Stolen By Shakira)
8. Kat Perkins
9. Josh Murley (Stolen By Shakira)
10. Austin Ellis
11. Josh Kaufman (Stolen By Usher)
12. Caleb Elder
13. Britnee Camelle (STEAL)
14. Jake Barker (STEAL)
15. Morgan Wallen (STEAL)

Team Usher's Josh Kaufman was the winner of The Voice, Season 6. Josh started off on Team Adam, but was stolen by Usher when Adam eliminated him from his team.

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